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DART – Let's Go.

DART Mobility Management Services

Exclusively for patrons of DART Paratransit Services and DART On-Call
Your trip information and ETA are now only a click away!

WHAT IS DART.THEBUS.MOBI? is an exciting new feature exclusively for clients and customers of DART's Mobility Management Services.

Patrons of both Paratransit Services and DART On-Call can now use on their computers or smartphones to find out their scheduled trips for the current day, plus the vehicle's estimated time of arrival. puts that information right at your fingertips without having to call "Where's My Ride."

Click here to try it!


  1. From your computer or smartphone, open your internet browser and type in and click/tap enter. This is what will pop up:

  2. Once you see this screen, enter your Client ID and click/tap submit.

  3. Once you enter your Client ID and click submit, your trips for the current day will be displayed. All trips scheduled beyond 90 minutes from the current time will only give you the scheduled times of your trips. All trips within 90 minutes will give you the scheduled time, the estimated time the vehicle will arrive to pick you up, and the vehicle number.

    In the next picture, note the difference in the first trip (within 90 minutes), and the remaining trips for the day (outside 90 minutes).

  4. Once you complete Step 3, add the web address to your favorites. This way you don't have to repeat steps 1-3 every day. This webpage will refresh every time you use it, so your trip information will be current each day!

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