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Walnut Hill Station

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Walnut Hill Lane and Manderville Lane
(8150 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas 75231)

Image of Walnut Hill StationLocated on Walnut Hill Lane east of U.S. 75, Walnut Hill Station is served by the DART Rail Red and Orange lines. An aerial station providing convenient access to nearby offices, Presbyterian Hospital, retirement homes and residences in the area, this station reflects a "light of health," with internally-lit steel columns illuminating words of healing and wellness punched out in script.

DART Rail Schedules:

Red Line, Orange Line

Connecting Bus Routes:

502,  506,  582 (M-S),  GoLink North Dallas (M-F)

M-F (Monday through Friday); M-S (Monday through Saturday)

Bus Bay Assignments:

Bay 1 — 502 Lovers Lane Station, Rail Disruption Shuttle Stop
Bay 2 — 506 Park Lane Station
Bay 3 — 582 LBJ/Central Station
Bay 4 — GoLink North Dallas, Paratransit
Bay 5 — 502 Manderville, 506 Stone Canyon

Customer Features:

  • Passenger Shelters
  • Windscreens
  • Seating
  • Customer Information
  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • Telephones
  • Elevator
  • Bus "Kiss & Ride" Passenger Drop-Off/Pickup Area
  • Free Parking (170 Spaces, overnight or long-term parking is at the discretion of the customer. DART assumes no responsibility for vehicles left overnight.)
  • Bike Rack
  • Public Art

Popular Attractions and Destinations:

Please note: You may need to connect to a DART bus to complete your journey to a destination. Please contact DART Customer Information at 214-979-1111 for trip planning assistance.

Station Art:

View the DART Gallery - A Collection of Public Art
A Collection of Public Art

Use this guide to plan your tour of Walnut Hill Station.
Walnut Hill Station, an aerial station, provides easy access to nearby offices, Presbyterian Hospital and other medical facilities. Design artist Linnea Galtt reflects the "healthy community" theme on the upper level through a series of internally lit steel columns illuminating words of healing and wellness punched out in script. Words shining from the 28 "light of health" columns include heal, provide, nurture, care, and comfort. Four pendulums swing from the overhead catenary wires, providing a kinetic element that sways with the wind.

Walnut Hill Station image

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