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Galatyn Park Station

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North Central Expressway near Lookout Drive in Richardson
(2300 N. Central Expressway, Richardson 75082)

Image of Galatyn Park StationThe Galatyn Park Station is served by the DART Rail Red and Orange lines. Adjacent to a transit plaza with a major hotel, performance center and easy access to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and other Telecom Corridor neighbors, this station reflects its high-tech surroundings with columns made of stainless steel bundles representing conduit wire.


DART Rail Red and Orange Lines, Palisades E-Shuttle (M-F)
M-F (Monday through Friday)

Bus Bay Assignments (located north of station platform):

Bay 1 — GEICO, Palisades E-Shuttle

Customer Features:

  • Passenger Shelters
  • Windscreens
  • Seating
  • Customer Information
  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • Telephones
  • Bus "Kiss & Ride" Passenger Drop-Off/Pickup Area
  • 2 Bike Racks
  • Public Art
  • No Public Parking Available

Popular Attractions and Destinations:

Please note: You may need to connect to a DART bus to complete your journey to a destination. Please contact DART Customer Information at 214-979-1111 for trip planning assistance.

Station Art:

View the DART Gallery - A Collection of Public Art
A Collection of Public Art

Use this guide to plan your tour of Galatyn Park Station.
Galatyn Park Station, adjacent to the transit plaza, is the doorway to the Telecom Corridor. Station design team artist Jim Cinquemani used etched panels on station fences indicating different high-tech language codes, and the fence design itself represents a circuit board. The large-scale columns near the station entrance represent twin satellite dishes aimed toward the sky, creating a visible portal for visitors entering and leaving the station.

Galatyn Park Station image

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