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DART – Let's Go.

DART Drives Connections
From education, to job opportunities, to culture, to healthcare, to transportation and so much more, DART helps North Texans connect with their community. DART is a critical connector for North Texas, making mobility easier for everyone—even those that do not ride.

As a cornerstone of the region's multi-modal transportation network, public transit is part of our livelihood and our region's continued economic growth. In fact, we'd say DART is moving North Texas Forward.



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  • Silver Line Project
    October 2022 Newsletter now available.
    — Post FEIS/ROD Project Changes - Memoranda to File: The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)/ Record of Decision (ROD) for the Silver Line in November 2018. Since then, FTA and DART have met regularly (both monthly and quarterly) to review the Silver Line's progress and any potential change in design or mitigation measure. Any proposed change to the Silver Line Regional Rail Project is addressed by DART and the FTA in accordance with 23 CFR §771.129 and 23 CFR §771.130, which provide guidance on re-evaluations and supplemental documents. Changes must be documented appropriately and must be reviewed and approved by FTA. The format of the re-evaluation is at the Regional Administrator's discretion but must be commensurate with the project change and associated environmental impact. For the Silver Line Project, DART is preparing Memoranda to File to address project changes. These Memoranda to File are comprehensive reviews of the project changes with appropriate detail and coordination. Some include additional analysis which may result in new or modified mitigations that may be required to support a conclusion that there are no new significant impacts. FTA and DART meet at least monthly to review project progress and potential design and/or mitigation changes to ensure they are appropriately addressed. Click here to learn more.
    — Dallas Area Rapid Transit's Design-Builder for the Silver Line Regional Rail Project, Archer Western Herzog, began field construction along the 26-mile alignment on November 18, 2019. Click here for more construction information.
    — On June 18, 2019, the DART Board approved a resolution to name future service running on the Cotton Belt Regional Rail Corridor as the Silver Line. Customers will see the Silver Line in operation after completion in 2024 with 30-minute peak and 60-minute off-peak service.
    — The Final Environmental Impact Statement/Record of Decision (FEIS/ROD) for the Cotton Belt Corridor Regional Rail Project is now available.

  • D2 Subway: Dallas Central Business District (CBD) Second Light Rail Alignment
    — On April 9, 2021, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), in cooperation with DART issued the notice of availability of the D2 Subway Final Environmental Impact Statement/Record of Decision (FEIS/ROD) along with the 30% design to the public, stakeholders, and agencies. The FEIS/ROD includes responses to comments from the public and agency review of the Supplemental Draft EIS (SDEIS). After taking into consideration the feedback from residents, business owners, developers and agency staff, a few changes have been made to the project to enhance access and minimize impacts.

  • Transit System Plan
    — The North Texas region will continue to grow rapidly into the future, adding nearly 4 million new residents and approximately 2.2 million jobs by the year 2045. At the same time, the mobility landscape is changing with new technology and innovative services. To address this rapid growth and new mobility trends, DART adopted the 2045 Transit System Plan as an update to our prior long-range plan. The 2045 Transit System Plan will shape DART's new mobility future through strategic improvements and investments to create a more accessible, sustainable, and reliable system. Click here to learn more.