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DART – Let's Go.

DART Executive Staff Biographies

President & Chief Executive Officer

Nadine S. Lee

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Carol Wise

— Interim Vice President, Bus Operations

Alicia Walker

— Interim Chief of DART Police

Edward Addison
Matt Walling

— Vice President of Mobility Management Services

Doug Douglas

— Interim Vice President, Rail Operations

Jaime Aleman
Lisa Taylor


Executive Vice President / Chief Administrative Officer
& Interim Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Fontayne-Bárdowell, MPA

— Vice President of Human Resources

Rosa Medina

— Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Julius Smith

— Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer

Gregory Elsborg

— Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Nevin Grinnell

— Vice President, Procurement

Brad J. Cummings


Interim Executive Vice President of Growth/Regional Development

Todd Plesko

— Interim Vice President of Capital Design & Construction

David Ehrlicher

— Vice President of Commuter Rail/Railroad Management

Bonnie Murphy

— Interim Vice President of Service Planning and Scheduling

Rob Smith

— Interim Vice President of Capital Planning

Kay Shelton


Interim Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion-Employee

Gabriel Beltran

Vice President of Government and Community Relations

Edie Diaz

Vice President - Chief Safety Officer

Donna E. Johnson

Director of Internal Audit

Chris Koloc

Director of the Office of Board Support

Nancy Johnson

General Counsel

Gene Gamez

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