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Passenger Guide to Safety and Security

DART officials have stepped up patrols of transit vehicles, stations and transit centers in cooperation with member city police departments and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Always Be Alert
Suspicious Packages, Containers & Devices
Reporting Emergencies
Suspicious People
Special security measures being undertaken by DART Police, rail and bus operators include:
Periodic checks of DART Rail and TRE vehicles
Sweeps of rail vehicles at the end of the lines
Increased police presence at high-volume rail stations during rush hours
Special announcements to passengers to check around their seats prior to departing trains and to report any unattended or suspicious items
Coordination of security efforts in the DART service area with member city police departments
Constant communication between police and bus/rail dispatchers regarding any suspicious persons or packages on DART vehicles or in passenger facilities

Safety & Security Begins With You

Educating yourself and your family about safety and security aboard transit vehicles is important. DART trains and buses are designed to be user-friendly, fast, convenient, and most importantly, safe.

Take a few minutes to become more aware of your surroundings. In an emergency, always follow the instructions of uniformed DART personnel, police and fire officials.

Always Be Alert

Although DART Police and all public safety agencies strive to provide all citizens a safe and secure environment, there are actions you can take any time you are in a public location to protect yourself from criminal activity.

Always Be Alert
A Crime Prevention Video from DART Police

First and foremost - be aware of your surroundings and those around you. It is easy to tune everything out while on your phone or listening to music. This is a prime opportunity for criminals to take advantage of the situation. Victims and witnesses are not able to assist in identifications because they did not know their surroundings.

Keep valuable items out of sight. Most crimes are based on opportunity. By having valuable items out of sight, including cell phones and MP3 devices, you don't make it easy for the criminal to quickly grab whatever they see and run off with it.

Keep your personal items under your control at all times. Items such as purses, packages, and brief cases set down even for 'just a second', are an easy target for a snatch-and-run. This will also ensure you don't forget your items. Items left behind could be considered suspicious and are subject to destruction.

Successful crime prevention programs all have one thing in common - active citizen participation. We need you to make it difficult for criminals to commit the easy crimes of opportunity.

Please report any suspicious or criminal activity to DART Police at 214-928-6300 or use the DART Say Something Safety and Security app - if we don't know about 'em, we can't catch 'em!

Suspicious Packages, Containers & Devices

Always take all personal items, including trash, with you when leaving a train or bus. Most unattended packages are harmless, but if you find a suspicious item or spilled substance, do not touch or move it. Notify a uniformed DART employee, call DART Police at 214-928-6300, use the DART Say Something Safety and Security app or call 911. Use this checklist for reporting:
Are there unusual wires or batteries visible?
Are tanks, bottles or bags visible, which may indicate that a chemical is present?
Is a message attached to the article?
Is there a suspicious cloud, mist, gas, vapor or odor?
Is anything seeping from the article? Is it oily?
Is the unattended article in an out-of-the-way place?
Was anyone observed abandoning the article and quickly leaving the scene?
Are people in the area showing signs of sickness or distress?

Reporting Emergencies

On a DART Rail train:
Notify any uniformed DART employee present, or locate the emergency intercom on either end of the rail vehicle, and use it to contact the train operator. You may also call DART Police at 214-928-6300 or dial 911.
On a DART bus:
Notify your bus operator, call DART Police at 214-928-6300, or dial 911.
At a DART Rail station or bus transfer center:
Notify any uniformed DART employee present, or call DART Police at 214-928-6300 or dial 911. You may also go to the pay telephone and dial *80 for assistance.

Suspicious People

Be aware of people who:
Appear lost
Loiter, stare or watch others
Pace or appear nervous or jumpy
Report people who:
Act in a disorderly manner or alarm or disturb others
Quickly exit an area after abandoning a package
Carry a weapon or suspected weapon
NOTE: To assist us, take note of the person's movements and physical appearance such as clothing, hair color, height, weight and gender.

Telephone Numbers
DART Police
24 hours, daily
DART Say Something Safety and Security app Download the DART Say Something Safety and Security app
Customer Information
6 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday-Friday
8 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays

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