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DART – Let's Go.

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Personalized, on-demand, curb-to-curb service when and where you need it

Starting September 21, changes are coming to your GoLink service.
Cash fares, paper passes and vouchers are no longer accepted.

Purchase your fare and book your trips using one of these contactless methods.

GoPass® Tap card
Purchase a GoLink fare by linking your GoPass Tap card to your GoPass app account or
by calling 214-515-7272.

Credit/Debit Card
Using a credit or debit card, purchase your fare in the GoPass app or over the phone
by calling 214-515-7272.

It Pays to Use the GoPass App & GoPass Tap.
By purchasing your GoLink fare with the GoPass app or a GoPass Tap card, you automatically get the best fare every time you ride.

With fare capping on a GoPass Tap card, you never pay more than the total cost of a day pass (Local or Reduced) in a single day. Remember to tap using the same card linked to your GoPass app when riding other DART services.

GoPass App
  • Plan trips and buy passes quickly and easily, right on your phone.
  • Choose your favorite stations, stops and passes within the app.
  • View your GoLink on-demand history to easily rebook frequent trips.
GoPass Tap Card
  • Purchase and reload your card at hundreds of participating retailers.
  • Receive the best fare automatically with a GoPass Tap card. With a registered GoPass Tap card, you never pay more than the cost of a Day Pass in a single day, or the total cost of a Monthly Pass in a calendar month.
  • Recover your account balance if your card is ever lost or stolen, so long as your card is registered.
Questions about booking a trip? Call 214-515-7272.

More vehicles means less waiting.
DART continues to deliver the convenient, curb-to-curb transportation you've come to expect, while expanding its service providers and fleet. By dispatching the closest vehicle, you'll get picked up faster. It's about less waiting - and more going.

You continue to have the choice of using UberPool for your trips, giving you even greater flexibility. GoLink and UberPool are perfect for running errands, heading to the office or connecting to DART trains and buses.

GoLink Fares

• Your GoLink fare is covered by a valid contactless DART fare when booked through the GoPass app or
by calling 214-515-7272.

• Fares are per person, per trip - children under 5 may ride free when accompanied by an adult with a valid fare.
Note: If using GoPass Tap, each person must have their own GoPass Tap card.

• Visit to learn about available fare types or call 214-979-1111.

UberPool Rates

• $1* - Travel anywhere within the zone to or from the designated DART station or transit center. (Prices are per person, per trip - including children)

• $3 Travel point-to-point, to or from any location within a single zone. (Prices are per person, per trip - including children)

* The $1 fee is waived during the introductory period.
After that, riders will be charged for these trips.

Booking Your Trip with GoPass®
  1. Download the latest version of DART's free GoPass app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Select "Plan" within the app and enter your location and destination information.
  3. Choose your desired trip option - GoLink and UberPool will appear as selections, if they are available for your planned trip.
  4. If you choose GoLink, continue booking in the GoPass app. Be sure to specify if you need an ADA-accessible vehicle. For UberPool trips, you will be linked to the Uber app to complete your request.
  5. For GoLink: Purchase a DART fare within the GoPass app, if you don't already have one, or use your stored GoPass Tap card for payment.
  6. Once you book your trip, the GoPass app will provide your driver's name, the vehicle type, license plate number and pickup location.
Don't have a smartphone?
Book your trip by calling 214-515-7272.

Note: Phone reservations must be made in advance. Only same-day trips accepted. UberPool trips cannot be booked by phone - only GoLink. Reservations accepted Monday - Friday, starting at 4:30 a.m.

For more information about GoPass, visit or call DART Customer Information at 214-979-1111.

Fare Information
GoLink one-way fare
Tarifa de ida o vuelta de GoLink
GoLink one-way fare - Reduced
Tarifa de ida o vuelta de GoLink - Reducida
AM/PM Pass - Local
Pase AM/PM - Local
AM/PM Pass - Local Reduced
Pase AM/PM - Reducido
Midday Pass - Local (9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)
Mediodía - Local (9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)
Day Pass - Local
Pase del Día - Local
Day Pass - Regional
Pase del Día - Regional
Day Pass - Reduced
Pase del Día - Reducido
Monthly Pass - Local
Pase Mensual - Local
Monthly Pass - Regional
Pase Mensual - Regional
Monthly Pass - Reduced
Pase Mensual - Reducido

A GoLink one-way fare is valid for a single GoLink trip only.
No transfers.

This table does not include all available fare types. For a complete list of fares and additional one-way fare options, please visit, or call 214-979-1111.

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