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Procurement Department Information

Procurement Support 214-749-2701
Email address [email protected]
Solicitations Currently Available
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Procurement Department Directory

Name Title Email
Executive Administration
Brad Cummings VP, Procurement [email protected]
Vonda Thomas AVP, Construction and Design [email protected]
Procurement Administration
Pam Floyd Mgr Procurement Adminstration [email protected]
Jeremy Haley Sr. Cost/Price Analyst [email protected]
Neal Howard Business Analyst-IV [email protected]
Tasha Lowery Executive Assistant-VP [email protected]
Joy Edwards Procurement Business Assistant [email protected]
Kimberly Spinks Procurement Business Assistant [email protected]
Tana Bailey Procurement Business Assistant [email protected]
Candace Davis Temporary [email protected]
Capital Projects
Kenneth Duke Sr Mgr Procurement [email protected]
Lori Perkins Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Ronald Hauck Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Sherre Holmes Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Business Services
Daniel Marti Sr Mgr Procurement [email protected]
Barry Pierce Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Coquice Logan Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Rebecca Bellamy Procurement Specialist [email protected]
Material Management and Supply Chain
Alma Delia Salinas Sr Mgr Procurement [email protected]
Carolyn Weatherall Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Denicia Seals Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Torie Horton Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Chris Rodriguez Procurement Specialist [email protected]
Margarita Cienfuegos Buyer [email protected]
Traci Johnson Buyer [email protected]
Vickie Johnson Buyer [email protected]
Ahron Molina Analyst-Logistics [email protected]
Design and Construction
Vicky Redrick Sr. Manager [email protected]
John Hardy Construction Claims Manager [email protected]
Russell Lawson Cost Analyst [email protected]
Fenny Ittigson Project Controls [email protected]
Trevor Adams Sr Contract Specialist [email protected]
Barbara MacKoy Contract Specialist [email protected]
Cherish Stalcup Contract Specialist [email protected]
Jose Padilla Contract Specialist [email protected]
Maria Gardner Contract Specialist [email protected]
Noelle Tillman Contract Specialist [email protected]
Richard Formella Contract Specialist [email protected]
Tina Lujan Contract Specialist [email protected]
Connie Samples CS Assistant III [email protected]
Joseph Cochran Contract Support Assistant [email protected]
Sandra Jaramillo Contract Specialist Assistant [email protected]
Sheilah Hicks Contract Specialist Assistant [email protected]
Lioba Schwenzer Contract Support Analyst [email protected]

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If you have any questions or need help, please contact DART Procurement at (214)749-2701 (8:00am to 5:00pm CST, Monday-Friday) or send an email to [email protected].
DART Procurement Department, Procurement Support, 1401 Pacific Avenue, Dallas, TX 75266-7235 | Fax 214-749-3666