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Artist: Susan Kae Grant      

Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station

      Location: North of Medical District Drive, east of Harry Hines Boulevard

Modern miracles happen every day in the myriad of medical facilities surrounding Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station. Inspired by these surroundings, station artist Susan Kae Grant set out to create a soothing station environment.

She wanted a restful place where riders can feel both comfortable and comforted. Cladded in a stainless steel mesh, the platform columns have a sleek, modern appearance. Marbles in a variety of sizes and colors circle the base of the columns. In keeping with the look, the platform uses gray and white pavers in a simple checkerboard pattern. For the windscreens, Grant took black-and-white photographs of mannequins. The resulting silhouettes make for an interesting study of the human form.

Two beacons at the ground level, housed within stainless steel mesh wrapped around an axis, shine on the columns. These lights give the station an almost theatrical quality at night.

With a look that is neither entirely modern nor entirely historical, Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station lives very much in the present. It is a place where riders can relax while they await a train, a doctor's appointment or a miracle.

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