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DART Station Art & Design Program
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  Your guide
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Artist: Charlotte Lindsey and Larry Enge      

North Carrollton/Frankford Station

      Location: South of Frankford Road

As the northernmost Green Line stop, North Carrollton/Frankford Station is intended to be a gateway to the DART System.

Artists Charlotte Lindsey and Larry Enge, again working together as Montage 48/61, wanted the station art and design to be unlike any other - a kind of visual surprise. Inspired by Austrian architect and artist Friedrich Hundertwasser, the duo designed columns made of brightly colored ceramic forms, glazed to mimic the appearance of pottery. Stacked in unique ways to add color and variety, these columns set the tone for the project.

The station's focal point is a 12-foot tall circular concrete way-finder monument perched on a five-foot landscaped mound. Designed to visually pull riders across the platform or parking lot - literally helping them “find the way” - this monument is painted in bright colors to elicit joy.

With 26 galvanized steel tubes radiating from the center, the way-finder's vibrant mosaic pattern provides a stark contrast to the station's industrial surroundings. The galvanized steel look of the tubes is repeated in the plaza fence and retaining walls. An art wall located along the wheelchair ramp is also designed as a complementary piece. Made up of colored tiles cut with a water jet, the wall matches the bright look of the way-finder.

Monochromatic pathways lead the way to the platform, with ribbons of colored concrete providing contrast. A mesh-like black fence along the rail lines contrasts these bright colors, plus native Texas trees and shrubs make this stop along the Green Line a little bit greener. This playful, one-of-a-kind station is sure to put a smile on the face of every commuter who comes upon it!

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