the offical newsletter of DALLAS AREA RAPID TRANSIT - Spring/Summer 2011
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DART FY2010 Financials
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Agent of Change
A letter from the DART Chairman of the Board.

Transforming How We Travel
With the opening of the Green Line on December 6, DART now shifts much of its focus to operating the vast multimodal transit system, improving the customer experience, upgrading buses and trains, and increasing ridership.

Leading the Rail-volution
Construction of the Orange Line to Irving and the Blue Line to Rowlett is well under way, and planning continues for additional light rail and modern streetcars in downtown Dallas and commuter rail along the Cotton Belt Corridor.

Taking a Regional View to Growth
The continued growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth area has led to increasing traffic congestion and air pollution, leading cities throughout North Texas to consider bus and rail transit as a strategy to improve mobility.

Improving the Work Experience
Employee communications, professional and personal development initiatives strive to make DART an employer of choice. Education, diversity and outreach programs illustrate the agency's commitment to the communities DART serves.

Adopting New Business Models
Updated financial projections initiated a comprehensive review of operating, capital, and debt service expenses, resulting in a new business model that resets the expansion timeline, seeks efficiencies, and uses resources more effectively.

Short Trips
Green Line earns industry accolades; Agency hailed as design-build leader; Whitewater park created near station; DART CIO helps lead IT consortium; Quick-read codes link to TVM video; Transit attracts young professionals.

DART Board of Directors

DART Current and Future Services Map

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Agent of Change

Left to Right: President/Executive Director Gary C. Thomas and FY 2010 Chairman William Velasco II.
Left to Right: President/Executive Director Gary C. Thomas and
FY 2010 Chairman William Velasco II.

By changing how people move throughout North Texas, DART itself is undergoing a transformation.

With the completion of the 28-mile Green Line in December, DART Rail became the largest light rail system in the nation. Meanwhile, extensions of the Blue and Orange lines are proceeding, and a new fleet of natural gas-powered buses are on the way.

In a relatively short timeframe, DART has retrofitted a sprawling, car-centric region with a modern transit system, connecting thousands of vital employment, medical, educational, entertainment and leisure destinations.

For the first time, we are facing the opportunities and challenges typical of operating a large multimodal transit system serving 13 cities in America's fastest-growing metro.

Amid one of the largest, and fastest, capital expansion programs ever witnessed in our industry, we're striving toprovide the best services possible every single day, and keeping a cautious eye on our resources during these recessionary times.

Today's rising gas prices and traffic congestion are creating additional demand for bus and rail service � in the DART Service Area and beyond - and we're participating in regional efforts to expand public transit options across North Texas.

As we look to the future, we're proud of what DART has achieved and driven by the vision for its continuing transformation in the years just ahead.

William Velasco, II
William Velasco, II
DART Chairman of the Board

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