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DART Orange Line Expansion

Northwest Corridor Final MIS Report (October 2000)

Table of Contents (2.6MB PDF file)
1.0 Introduction (786KB PDF file)
1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Planning Context
1.3 Purpose and Need
1.4 Organization of Report

2.0 Public and Agency Involvement Program (1.4MB PDF file)
2.1 Decision-Making Structure
2.2 Summary of Public/Agency Involvement

3.0 Alternatives Considered (4.9MB PDF file)
3.1 Evaluation Process
3.2 Initial Universe of Alternatives
3.3 Conceptual Alternatives
3.4 Detailed Alternatives

4.0 Detailed Definition of Alternatives (19.5MB PDF file)
4.1 No-Build Alternative
4.2 TSM/TDM Alternative
4.3 Highway/HOV Alternatives
4.4 Commuter Rail Alternatives
4.5 Light Rail Transit (LRT) Alternatives

5.0 Evaluation Results (12.4MB PDF file)
5.1 Mobility Effects
5.2 Cost-Effectiveness/Affordability
5.3 Socio-Economic Effects
5.4 Environmental Effects
5.5 Public and Agency Support
5.6 Sensitivity Tests
5.7 Emerging Consensus and Remaining Issues

6.0 Final Evaluation and Trade-Off Analysis (4.4MB PDF file)
6.1 Alignment Refinements
6.2 Congestion Management System Assumptions
6.3 Locally Preferred Investment Strategy (LPIS) Packages
6.4 Final Evaluation
6.5 Trade-Off Analysis
6.6 Recommended Strategy

7.0 Locally Preferred Investment Strategy (LPIS) (4.9MB PDF file)
7.1 Building Blocks Analysis
7.2 Elements and Conditions of the LPIS
7.3 Next Steps

Appendix A
     Summary of Public Involvement and Work Group Participants (1.8MB PDF file)
Appendix B
     TSM/TDM and Freeway Bottleneck Project List (2.3MB PDF file)
Appendix C
     City and Community Organization Resolutions (3.6MB PDF file)
Appendix D
     Las Colinas Access Options - LRT Plan and Profile (10.1MB PDF file)
Appendix E
     DART Board Resolution for the LPIS (1.5MB PDF file)
Appendix F
     LPIS Rail Element - LRT Plan and Profile (8.0MB PDF file)
Appendix G
     List of Preparers (195KB PDF file)

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