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D2 Subway: Dallas Central Business District (CBD) Second Light Rail Alignment
Project History and Background

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D2 Study - Alternative Analysis/DEIS (2007-2015)

DART launched the D2 Study in 2007 to identify and evaluate a range of transit improvements in the Central Business District (CBD). The D2 Study focused on identifying the second phase of major transit improvements in Downtown Dallas. The improvements would ensure high quality transit service as the DART system expands to meet growing needs. In addition, it was about improving mobility and circulation to, through and within the CBD, serving local and regional mobility needs, and enhancing the ability for the DART system to grow and thrive.

The D2 Study was done in two phases. Key information from each phase is provided below:

Phase One - AA/DEIS (2010)

Phase One of the study concluded with the Alternatives Analysis/Draft Environmental Impact Statement (AA/DEIS) in May 2010. The AA/DEIS include the evaluation of four primary alternatives.

Phase Two AA/Selection of Locally Preferred Alternative (2015)

Phase Two of the study concluded in September 2015 and built on the original effort in response to comments on the AA/DEIS and because of changed conditions in downtown. These changed conditions included the new Dallas Streetcar (Oak Cliff line) and planned extensions, the Downtown Dallas 360 Plan, and proposed High Speed Rail (HSR) from Houston to downtown Dallas. These comments and issues led to new D2 Alternatives as well as refinements to those considered in the AA/DEIS.

In February 2013, DART held public meetings to present the alternatives and refinements.

In June 2015 DART held public meetings to present the preliminary evaluation results which supported the selection of a preferred alternative.

On September 22, 2015, the DART Board of Directors passed Resolution No. 150101 Approval of the Locally Preferred Alternative the Second CBD Light Rail Alignment (D2). The Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) was approved as Alternative B4 Lamar-Young with a Modified Jackson Alignment, which incorporated an alignment shift east of Dallas City Hall to address potential impacts along Young Street.

DART Board of Directors
September 2015 D2 Locally Preferred Alternative Map

DART Board of Directors D2 Locally Preferred Alternative Map

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Project Development for Original LPA B4 Lamar-Young/Jackson (2015-2016)

Several meetings were held during project development for the original Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) (B4 Lamar - Young/Jackson). Meetings held during this phase, prior to the LPA Refinement Phase are summarized below:

Public Meetings

Stakeholder Work Group Meetings

Other D2 Meetings


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DART conducted a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) Refinement phase between December 2016 and June 2017. The effort was in response to direction from the City of Dallas and the DART Board to develop D2 as a primarily-subway light rail line through Downtown Dallas. The LPA Refinement Phase culminated with the approval of the D2 Subway LPA (see LPA map), and included:

  • The development of several subway alternatives with input from the general public, stakeholders, utility providers and public agencies.
  • A multi-step evaluation process that consisted of a 1) elimination of fatally-flawed subway alternatives, 2) screening for reasonable set of alternatives and 3) a detailed evaluation phase for a short list of alternatives, and considered evaluation factors such as: capital costs, ridership, consistency with Board/City Council directive, affordability, constructability, transferability/connectivity with LRT lines/bus transfer facilities, underground utility considerations, access to jobs, residents and visitor/entertainment attractions, interoperability with the existing LRT Transit Mall, private property impacts, and ability to maintain train operations during construction.
The LPA refinement phase included a comprehensive public and agency involvement program that included a technical committee and a stakeholder committee that met both individually and jointly, public meetings, individual stakeholder meetings, transit rider surveys, and Dallas City Council and DART Board committee briefings. Key meetings are summarized below:

Public Meetings

Deep Ellum Charrette

Stakeholder Work Group Meetings

Technical Committee Meetings

Reports: The LPA Refinement Phase culminated with the following actions supporting advancement of the D2 Subway:
  • On September 6, 2017 DART provided its annual Capital Investment Grant (CIG) program submittal to the Federal Transit Administration in support of a future Core Capacity federal funding grant request for approximately 50% of the project cost.
  • On September 12, 2017 the DART Board of Directors approved a debt resolution for the D2 Subway. This debt resolution provides flexibility to DART to issue debt to finance the project should DART not receive the anticipated Federal grant. Additionally, they approved the FY18 20-Year Financial Plan and FY18 Budget, both of which include the D2 Subway project.
  • On September 13, 2017 the Dallas City Council approved the Victory/Commerce/Swiss D2 Subway alignment as the Locally Preferred Alternative.
  • On September 26, 2017 the DART Board of Directors selected and approved the Commerce via Victory/Swiss Alternative as the Locally Preferred Alternative.

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