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Diversity & Inclusion Department

D/M/WBE Programs

It is the policy of DART that disadvantaged, minority and/or women-owned business enterprises (D/M/WBEs) have fair and equitable opportunity to participate in DART procurements. To implement this policy, DART is continually seeking D/M/WBE firms. DART has implemented a program establishing D/M/WBE subcontracting goals for procurements in excess of $50,000.

DART's D/M/WBE program is under the direction of the Assistant Vice President for Economic Opportunity (EO). Economic Opportunity has four primary focuses:

(1) D/M/WBE outreach and educational programs;
(2) D/M/WBE certification;
(3) Setting reasonable D/M/WBE subcontracting goals; and
(4) Prime contractor compliance checks against D/M/WBE goals.

D/M/WBE Outreach & Educational Programs

The EO staff attends numerous trade fairs and community events.

To assist with D/M/WBE networking, DART provides: listings of potential prime contractors, notices of bid/proposal conferences (frequented by prime contractors) to D/M/WBEs; and listing of certified D/M/WBEs interested in subcontracting to potential prime contractors.


If you are a D/M/WBE interested in participating in DART procurements but have not yet been certified, you may seek certification by contacting the:

North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency

The purpose of the certification process is to ensure that D/M/WBEs meet the eligibility criteria set forth in applicable local, state and/or federal guidelines. Your certification status is valid for a one-year period. An annual renewal is required, unless business ownership and/or control changes prior to your normal renewal. Additionally, revocation can occur at any time if evidence proves the certification was gained fraudulently.

Once certified, your company may be contacted by DART, as well as several public entities for potential sourcing activities.

D/M/WBE Prime Contractor Program

DART prime contractors are encouraged to subcontract with D/M/WBEs. This effort is also administered by DART's Department of Economic Opportunity.

All procurements in excess of $50,000 are examined by Economic Opportunity to determine if D/M/WBE subcontracting goals can be reasonably established. To make this determination, Economic Opportunity carefully examines two key elements:

(1) subcontracting opportunities for each procurement; and

(2) the number of D/M/WBE firms available in each subcontracting category.

If goals are established, potential prime contractors to DART are expected to meet the goals. Good faith efforts are used only if the prime contractor cannot meet established goal(s). When addressing D/M/WBE goals in bids/proposals, potential contractors are required to comply with the provisions and instructions set forth in the solicitation.


Once prime contractors commit to meet D/M/WBE subcontracting goals, EO works with them to ensure success towards meeting their commitments. This involves periodic reviews with both the prime and D/M/WBE subcontractors. In addition, prime contractors are required to submit a Vendor Payment Report Form with invoices, which indicates the level of D/M/WBE participation.

D/M/WBE Programs

(Disadvantaged, Minority and/or Women-Owned Business Enterprises)

Certification, North Central TX
Regional Certification Agency


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