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Instructions for Citations for Violations other than Fare Evasion

•  Instructions for Paying Fare Evasion Citations
•  Instructions for Citations for Violations Other Than Fare Evasion
•  Frequently Asked Questions: Administrative Fees
•  Justice of the Peace Courts Addresses & Telephone Numbers
•  Pay Citation Administrative Fee Online

If you received a citation for a violation other than fare evasion, then please be advised that the citation charges you with a violation of a state law and BY THE APPEARANCE DATE shown on the front of the citation, you must make an appropriate disposition of the case as indicated below. Anytime you are charged with an offense you have the right to consult an attorney, the right to a jury trial if you want one, and the right to plead not guilty.

GUILTY PLEA - PAYMENT OF FINE - If you wish to plead GUILTY to the violation charged against you, you must do one of the following BY THE APPEARANCE DATE shown on the front of the citation:
  1. Sign the statement at the bottom of the back of the citation.

    Mail the signed citation and a money order or cashiers check for the full and proper amount PAYABLE TO THE JP COURT LISTED ON THE FRONT OF THE CITATION. The court address information is located on the green copy of the citation or click here.

    Do not mail cash. Personal checks are not accepted.

    Call the circled number on the green copy of the citation and ask what the fine is for your alleged violation.

  2. You may pay the fine in person Monday through Friday. Contact the JP Court for hours of operation at the address stated on the green copy of the citation.

  3. You may be able to require that this charge be dismissed by taking a driving safety course. However, you will lose that right if you do not provide WRITTEN NOTICE to the court ON OR BEFORE YOUR APPEARANCE DATE of your desire to do so.

NOT GUILTY PLEA - If you wish to plead not guilty or contest this citation, you must APPEAR IN PERSON at the court and request your citation be set for trial. THIS CANNOT BE DONE BY TELEPHONE.

JUVENILES - (Ages 14 - 16) - State Law requires that any person under 17 years of age APPEAR IN PERSON before the judge. A Juvenile must be ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN.

If you fail to either make voluntary payment or to set your case for trial BY THE APPEARANCE DATE SHOWN ON THE FRONT OF THE CITATION, A WARRANT may be issued for your ARREST and/or additional penalties will be added to the amount of the fine. Payment of an insufficient amount does not prevent the issuance of a warrant.

Upon conviction for the offense of failure to maintain financial responsibility (no liability insurance), your driver's license is subject to suspension if you fail to provide to the Department of Public Safety proof of financial responsibility.

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