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DART – Let's Go.

DART Police Badge

DART Police Staff

» Currently vacant

Deputy Chiefs
» Matt Walling - Field Operations
» Edward Addison - Operations Support

» Lt. D. Collins
» Lt. R. Horner
» Lt. D. Hyder
» Lt. R. Lindsey
» Lt. S. Plunk
» Lt. S. Smith

Special Services
» Janie Gonzalez - Manager

Emergency Preparedness
» Jill Shaw - Manager

Administration Support
» Sonia Garcia - Manager

Public Safety Technologies
» Charles Byrd - Manager

» Jonathan Armstead - Manager


The department seeks to accomplish its mission through effectively deploying police officers, fare enforcement officers, and security guards throughout the transit system, to include buses, trains, passenger facilities, and the transitway mall.

DART Police Officers patrol DART bus stops, bus transit centers, rail stations, DART Rail and TRE trains, DART operating facilities, and regularly respond to emergency alarms on buses and trains.

DART's Fare Enforcement Officers ride DART Rail and TRE and inspect passengers' fares to ensure that those aboard are riding with proper fare.

DART Bicycle Officers primarily patrol the downtown train stations, transit centers, bus stops, and rail corridor.

DART Police Canine Handlers are responsible for working with trained canines to search DART facilities.

The DART Police Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for: processing crime scenes; criminal investigations; interacting with the medical examiners offices; gathering, preparing and distributing intelligence information; and preparing cases for court presentation.

Telecommunicators provide police dispatching services to the department, monitor the police radio channels, answer the emergency telephone lines, maintain communications with DART's bus, rail and paratransit dispatch centers, and perform warrant checks.

DART Police utilize two Mobile Surveillance Units (MSU). The MSUs are moved around to different DART locations to address various security issues.

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