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10 Tips to Successful Carpooling

DART 10 Tips to Successful Carpooling
  1. Schedule a meeting. Meet your fellow carpoolers before the first trip to talk about insurance, communications and personal preferences.

  2. Determine your route and schedule. Establish the morning pickup point(s) and designate the place(s) to meet for the trip home.

  3. Establish policies. Smoking or nonsmoking; music and volume; eating or drinking. Your carpool will have a better chance for success if these issues are discussed in advance.

  4. Draw up a schedule for driving responsibilities. If all members of your carpool alternate driving, decide among yourselves if you want to alternate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  5. Establish a method of reimbursing driving expenses. If the members of your carpool do not share the driving equally, come to an understanding of how the costs will be shared and agree on payment dates.

  6. Be punctual. Decide how long the driver is expected to wait.

  7. Be courteous. Do not honk for your passengers.

  8. Establish a chain of communication. If a driver is ill, or will not be going to work one day, an alternate driver should be notified to ensure that other members of the carpool will have a ride. If a rider is ill or will not be working, the driver should be contacted.

  9. Do not feel you have to carry on a conversation with your fellow carpoolers. This is particularly true in the morning, when some people like a time of quiet.

  10. If you have a vacancy in your carpool, visit to find other potential riders.

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