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DART Advisory Groups

Citizens Advisory Committee

DARTís Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was established in 1984 as a group that serves as a two-way communication link between the DART Board, the general public and various interest groups.

The CAC works to inform the public about DART Board decisions and policies, and informs the DART Board on issues and concerns from the interest groups the CAC members represent. The 14 CAC members represent the interests of businesses, transit users, homeowners, students and elderly.

Members are nominated by DART Board members and appointed collectively by the Board. Members are required to be citizens within DARTís member cities and registered voters.

Email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Paratransit Accessibility Advisory Group

The Paratransit Accessibility Advisory Group (PAAG) was established in 1994 to help DART in determining the needs of the disability community and to broaden DARTís community outreach to persons with disabilities.

The PAAG members consist of component organizations and individuals that represent a broad spectrum of persons with disabilities as determined by DART.

The group meets quarterly to report comments, concerns and other recommendations on issues impacting persons with disabilities in DART member cities, and receive information from DART staff to relay back to their respective organizations.

Questions or concerns about the PAAG should be addressed to Christopher Hawkins at [email protected].