DART's Fare Restructure Frequently Asked Questions

On Feb. 13, 2018, DART's Board of Directors approved changes to the fare structure, which includes a fare increase. The changes will take place in stages, with most taking place on August 18, 2018. Here are answers to some of the most commonly questions asked during the fare change discussion.

What fare increases were approved by the board?

The board approved the following fare increases:

What other fare changes did the DART Board approve?

When will fare changes and increases go into effect?

Most fare changes will go into effect August 18, 2018. Day pass vouchers purchased by social agencies and government entities will go into effect November 2018. Corporate program fare changes will go into effect January 2019 and Paratransit fare changes will go into effect March 2019.

Will senior citizens still have access to reduced fares?

Yes. Seniors 65 and older will remain eligible for a reduced fare, but they will need to take a new DART photo ID. To obtain a DART photo ID, seniors will need to go to the DART Store at Akard Station in Downtown Dallas. Seniors must show a government-issued ID to purchase the $2 photo ID. Seniors need to register with the new payment system so the system will know to charge a reduced fare when the payment card is tapped.

How does the A.M. Pass and P.M. Pass work?

Passes purchased or activated prior to noon will be known as an A.M. Pass and will be valid for unlimited trips on all bus and rail modes from the start of service until noon. Passes purchased or activated after 12 p.m. will be known as a P.M. Pass and will be good from noon until end of service.

Together, the two, $3 passes will cost the same as a Day Pass, but will benefit customers who may leave in the afternoon and return home the next morning.

Paratransit fares remain single ride only. A monthly pass will be available March 2019.

What is fare capping?

Fare capping saves customers money. It ensures that riders never overpay for daily or monthly passes. The feature will be available in the new GoPass app in August 2018 and with the new GoPass Tap Card in August/September 2018.

Here's how it works: Once a customer purchases a GoPass Tap Card for $6, it must be registered to participate in the fare capping program. The purchase price comes back to the customer as a rebate. In other words, customers start with an extra $6 on their account before loading additional fare value.

Thanks to new app and smart card technology, customers won't spend more than $6 a day. Once a person taps their card, or activates their pass on GoPass app, and spends $6 a day in fares or activate a day pass in the app, they won't be charged another fare to their account for the remainder of the day.

Likewise, as a customer purchases passes during the month, the fare will go towards the monthly pass rate. Once a "pay-as-you-go" customer reaches the monthly pass rate in one calendar month, the system will credit a monthly pass to the person's GoPass app mobile wallet or GoPass Tap Card account and he or she wonít pay for another pass the remainder of that month.

For example, a customer purchases an A.M. Pass and a P.M. pass, the fare payment system will not charge additional fares for that day regardless of how many times the GoPass Tap Card is scanned. When the person purchases 32 A.M. or P.M passes within a calendar month, the system will credit a monthly pass to the person's GoPass Tap Card account. When a person activates 16 day passes within the GoPass app in a calendar month, the system will credit a monthly pass to the person's GoPass Wallet.

What enhancements are being made to the GoPass app?

Since DART launched GoPass in September 2013, customers have needed a credit or debit card on file to purchase transit and admission passes through the app.

The GoPass app upgrade will include real-time trip planning, mobile fare capping and a mobile wallet (GoPass Wallet). Customers will be able to use cash to add value to their transit account, which they can use to pay for their DART passes. DART riders will be able to load cash value at more than 900 retail partners which will be added to their GoPass Wallet. Customers can continue to use a credit or debit card as a means of payment. This feature will be available May 14, 2018.

What is the GoPass Tap Card?

GoPass Tap Card is a reloadable fare payment card that should be available in the Fall of 2018. The cardís cost is $6 and can be used for $6 worth of passes.

It works like the GoPass app. Customers put money on their GoPass Tap Card account with cash or a credit or debit card at numerous retail locations, online, the GoPass call center or at the DART Store. The GoPass Tap Card is reloadable and and should be registered in case the card is lost. This helps make sure the money on the card is protected. Users must protect the card to participate in the fare capping and lost card programs.

DART is installing electronic validators on buses and at rail platforms. Customers simply tap their GoPass Tap Card and the system will determine and charge the best fare. On the trains, fare enforcement officers will have hand-held devices to verify that customers tapped before boarding.

Do you have to create an account once the GoPass Tap Card system starts?

It's not required, but it's a really good idea. If, for example, the customer loses their card and has not created an account, they will not be able to recover the account balance, nor participate in fare capping.

If you use the GoPass Tap Card, will the ticket reader automatically pick the correct ticket type?

The system will determine and charge the "best fare" when the GoPass Tap Card is tapped on the validator.

For example, if a customer boards the bus at 9 a.m., the system will charge a Single Ride for $2.50. If that customer boards another bus at 9:30 a.m., when they tap the validator, the system will charge them another 50Ę (equal to an A.M. Pass). If the customer boards another bus at 10 a.m., the system will not charge them as they will now have the equivalent of an A.M. Pass.

Will the high school reduced fare still be limited to Monday-Friday?

Currently, high school students attending schools within the DART Service Area can travel on a reduced fare on weekdays only, if they have a valid high school ID with them.

DART understands that high school students must travel not only to school during the week, but also to extracurricular activities, some of which may occur on the weekend. Therefore, beginning in August 2018, high school reduced fares will be available Monday-Sunday.

Will reduced fares still be available to college and trade school students?

Reduced fares will remain available to college and trade school students attending schools in the DART Service Area and who possess a DART-issued student ID.

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