the offical newsletter of DALLAS AREA RAPID TRANSIT - Fall 2010
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Now Arriving: CHANGE
A letter from the DART Chairman of the Board.

The Great Green Line
Phase II of the Green Line delivers easier, less stressful commutes and heralds renewed economic growth from Carrollton and Farmers Branch to Pleasant Grove.

Everybody's Going Green
Community leaders laud the arrival of DART Rail and tout the connectivity and revitalization it brings.

The Green Gallery
DART's Station Art and Design Program makes each rail stop a public masterpiece.

Exploring the Green Scene
The Green Line goes where you go - to hospitals, arts institutions, music and sporting venues, shopping, dining and recreation.

Head for the Highlands
The new Lake Highlands Station connects to a live-shop-play development now under construction.

Orange & Blue Lines Expand
Construction of the Blue Line to Rowlett and the Orange Line to Irving proceeds on schedule for completion in 2012.

Short Trips
DART Dude lives car-free; Thomas elected industry group vice chair; Rail facility among the best; DART makes U.S. Hispanic Chamber's Million Dollar Club; Plano seniors program gets a lifeline; Denton County's A-train takes off this summer.

DART Board of Directors

DART Current and Future Services Map

DART: Live, On Tape and Online

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Now Arriving: CHANGE

Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Pleasant Grove
welcome the arrival of the Green Line.

William Velasco, II, DART Chairman of the Board

The 28-mile Green Line is our biggest project yet and the longest light rail project North America has seen in recent years.

Sounds impressive, doesn't it? But this new line really is part of something even bigger. It's the centerpiece of the largest systemwide service change in DART's history one that will forever transform our transit system.

Change is never easy, and this is a huge undertaking. But our service change is geared to make it easier and faster for thousands of commuters to travel to popular work, shopping, medical, education and entertainment destinations.

The Green Line itself is a testament to the great things cities can accomplish when they pull together. In fact, our united front together with the tireless efforts of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Representatives Eddie Bernice Johnson and Pete Sessions helped DART win an impressive $700-million grant for the heart of this project.

As the DART System grows, the communities we serve grow and change in positive ways. The yellow and white trains moving up and down this new corridor are vehicles to a better tomorrow the means to greater mobility, exciting economic development, cleaner air, and reduced traffic congestion and a stronger, more vibrant metropolis.

The DART System isn't just moving people; it's powering change for the challenging years ahead. Come see how great this change will be.

William Velasco, II
William Velasco, II
DART Chairman of the Board

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